How It Works

Kids Portrait Painting

Are these artworks painted by a person or a computer?

This is a common question given all the recent advances in technology. First, the paintings we create are 100% hand made. But you might be surprised to learn we don't use a traditional brush and paint. These days Artists work in a computer using an electronic stylus and pressure-sensitive tablet together with specially designed software. This not computer-generated Art. We don't just press a button in PhotoShop to create the appearance of random brush strokes (in the shape of a 'raindrop' as many other studios do). Quite the contrary. We still 'dab' and paint in the same tradition as Picasso or Rembrandt. The use of these modern digital tools just allows our Artists to work faster and more accurately - which translates into time savings for you. Want to see our work? Using modern digital art tools to create a Painting from your photo.


Technology has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Many manual processes are now computer-aided to achieve greater accuracy and speed. This is also true with Art. An Artist can now create a painting from a photo in less than a day. Instead of brush and paint the Artist uses a pressure-sensitive digital tablet together with a handheld stylus and customized software. The computer doesn't create the photo painting by be sure. Computers cannot create a painting from a photo any more than a word processor can replace an Author and write a novel. Thankfully, these are endeavours still require imagination and creative spark from the human Artist or Author. What computers do for artistic professionals now is speed the process and lower the cost. The cost of a hand-painted custom portrait used to measure in the $ Thousands. Now you can work over the web with a digital Artist from Chams Canvas Art and pay just a few hundred dollars.


After the hand-painted digital artwork is complete your artwork is printed as a 'Giclee' on canvas in the same way Museums create a fine art reproduction. You won't feel raised paint on the canvas surface but you'll definitely be able to see our brushstrokes in the artwork. If you want to see and feel the texture of real paint on the surface we can do this. Please contact us for a quote as a higher cost applies.


Tips for Selecting the Perfect Photo

We can paint from any photo you submit. However, if the portrait you wish to create features people, we recommend choosing a photo that's close up, in focus and has 1-3 subjects. This will produce the best artistic result. Photos that are dark or out of focus are harder to deal with. We can do our best work when our artists can see the details in your photo clearly.


Can I send you a professional studio or portrait photograph?

Yes, you can. However, some photographers retain copyrights to photos they create for clients. In this case, reprint permission from the original photographer may be required. When the consumer signs the project order form he/she warrants that the appropriate permissions have been obtained.


How can I choose the right photo? are there any tips?

We can paint from any of your choices but the photo you wish to turn into a painting should be close up, clear and in focus. If there are 1 to 3 objects in the photo it could come out well. And also keep in mind that our artists can clearly see the details of each subjects. Photo that is in dark or in out of focus is harder to deal with. Photo should be at the highest resolution, it shouldn’t be less than 1024 x 768. 


In which type of format should I upload the image?

The image should be in the format of JPEG, JPG (our website uploader compatible) and it is preferable the file should be greater than 1 MB file size or in 3000 pixels and the resolution should be 300 pixels/inch.


I have a different file type (i.e. pdf, raw), what do I do?

Our website uploader doesn’t support very large files, in that case, contact us for alternate solutions, we can provide you with our FTP link where you can upload any size of files of any format easily


What is the maximum file size can I send?

You can upload files up to 5 MB through our website uploader if you have larger file Contact us and we will provide you with our FTP site.


I have a hard copy of the photo and want to scan, can I have any tips?

Yes, of course, we’d love to guide you. Please clean the original photo and scanner glass softly. Scan the photo in 600 PPI (pixels per inch.) minimum. If you have 800 or 1200 PPI option than scan it to highest for better quality. Save your scanned image in JPEG or TIFF and send us.


I think I have a pixelated image, any chance to look at first?

No problem, send your image us to before placing an order. We have a team of experts to reduce the pixelation before starting the digital painting.


I would like to change the submitted image. how can I change?

Contact us at within 6 hours possible and we’ll provide you with a guideline on how to send us a new image.


How can I come to know that my image is copyrighted or not?

If you have a photo that is captured by a professional, or if you have purchased it from someone else, you should ask them for the copyright. We know sometimes violations are unintentional so we take it seriously and prefer our customers to have written permission first.


One Pet Portrait Poster


Custom Pet Portraits : How It Works

Step 1 : Choose a Photo
Pick the cutest photo of your dog or cat for a pet portrait and submit it to our digital artists with your order. Check out our image guidelines for some helpful tips!

Step 2 : Make it your own
We love getting to know your furry loved one! We'll print their name on the final artwork in our signature font, we offer two distinct background colour options.

Step 3 : Custom illustration
Sit tight while our talented and passionate team of digital artists illustrate your artwork. Most orders ship within 1-2 weeks and sometimes even sooner.


Here are some tips to help you can get a great photo from your smartphone, Facebook or Instagram :

Get a close up of your furry loved one, this way we can better see all of their beautiful the details.

Get on their level! Crouch down when taking the photo and try to get eye level for the best results. 

The best poses are when your pet is either sitting or standing, not laying down.

Light is so important when it comes to a good photo. Outdoor daylight is always the best option!


Pet Portraits Image Guidelines

The most important part of your order, crucial to the quality of the final pet portrait, is the quality of the image you upload. Let's review the following tips and guidelines to make sure yours is just right :

Take a photo or choose an existing photo that is taken in daylight or in a brightly lit room.

Use a smartphone or high-quality camera

Ensure the whole face & neck is visible and not in shadows.

Avoid overly filtered photos to ensure we correctly capture your pet's colouring.

Make sure your pet is looking directly at the camera at eye level, facing forward. Other positions are acceptable, but your pet will be shown in that position in the final portrait.  

Please note collars, leashes, bows, hats, and other cute outfits will be illustrated in your final portrait. In some cases, we are able to remove collars, tags and leashes (you can make a note of that in the notes box at checkout), but your pet should look exactly how you want them to look in the photo as you want them to look in the portrait.


Good Example:


  • Facing forward
  • Well-lit with natural lighting or in a bright room
  • Face is visible
  • Neck is visible


Bad Example:


  • Angled face
  • Poor lighting (backlit)
  • The ear is cut off 
  • Not facing forward
  • Not at eye level with pet


  • Poor lighting
  • Body not visible
  • Pet is lying down


Not sure whether your images will work?

Email your image to us and we'll let you know. We often create portraits of pets that have passed away, so we understand it's not always possible to follow all of the guidelines above.

In many cases, we can still make it work.