Who we are

Passionate and tech-savvy artists are at work at Chams Canvas Art. We bring elegant and expressive digital art that complements your sweet home and gives you one more reason to feel pride for your home! Decorate bare walls with our glorious digital painting and relive the moment. Whether you select from our art collection or give us an image to restore or recreate, all you get is stunning art that demonstrates your design style.

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Art for Every Occasion

Couple painting, wedding painting, family painting, or pet painting, we strive to make every painting as appealing as it can be through integrating modern art and digital techniques. You can find carefully chosen art collections across different genres and styles that suit every occasion, every time! Yes, we know that it is indeed hard to choose the right art that suits your interests, and therefore, we have classified the digital paintings in our art collection.
Be it a real art or pet portraits, self-portraits or caricature painting, you always get awesome work that resonates with your personality traits.
Whether you want to decorate kid’s room or a living room, your office or any of your favorite corners in your home, we are certain that you will find exactly what you want from Chams Canvas Art.
While offering high-quality digital paintings, we care for your pocket as well! Therefore, we bring weekly discounts in which you can get attractive, modern paintings at up to 50% off. We never compromise on craftsmanship because, for us, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We use the best-in-class gallery grade materials for providing you the top-notch digital painting. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and passionate artists guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction on every piece of art.

Peace of Mind, Always!

Be it secure payment or shipping, you can always remain assured with the services of Chams Canvas Art. We offer free shipping anywhere in Australia so that you can get your favorite digital painting without spending additional bucks. Whatever you buy, you can pay through any suitable payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.
Incredible paintings at an unbelievable rate- you can get them at Chams Canvas Art!

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Are these artworks painted by a person or a computer?

This is a common question given all the recent advances in technology. First, the paintings we create are 100% hand made. But you might be surprised to learn we don't use a traditional brush and paint. These days Artists work in a computer using an electronic stylus and pressure-sensitive tablet together with specially designed software. This not computer-generated Art. We don't just press a button in PhotoShop to create the appearance of random brush strokes (in the shape of a 'raindrop' as many other studios do). Quite the contrary. We still 'dab' and paint in the same tradition as Picasso or Rembrandt. The use of these modern digital tools just allows our Artists to work faster and more accurately - which translates into time savings for you. Want to see our work? Using modern digital art tools to create a Painting from your photo. Technology has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Many manual processes are now computer-aided to achieve greater accuracy and speed. This is also true with Art. An Artist can now create a painting from a photo in less than a day. Instead of brush and paint the Artist uses a pressure-sensitive digital tablet together with a handheld stylus and customized software. The computer doesn't create the photo painting by itself...to be sure. Computers cannot create a painting from a photo any more than a word processor can replace an Author and write a novel. Thankfully, these are endeavours still require imagination and creative spark from the human Artist or Author. What computers do for artistic professionals now is speed the process and lower the cost. The cost of a hand-painted custom portrait used to measure in the $ Thousands. Now you can work over the web with a digital Artist from Chams Canvas Art and pay just a few hundred dollars.
After the hand-painted digital artwork is complete your artwork is printed as a 'Giclee' on canvas in the same way Museums create a fine art reproduction. You won't feel raised paint on the canvas surface but you'll definitely be able to see our brushstrokes in the artwork. If you want to see and feel the texture of real paint on the surface we can do this. Please contact us for a quote as a higher cost applies.